Helen Gibson

Core Process Psychotherapy

UKCP registered trainee psychotherapist.

ACPP trainee member

Glasgow/West of Scotland

email: helengibsontherapy@gmail.com

tel. no: 07704365847


Why Psychotherapy?

People come to psychotherapy for many different reasons. Often people come to psychotherapy looking for support at difficult points in their life. This can be an experience such as a bereavement or illness, job loss or burnout, a relationship break-up or traumatic event. These experiences can leave us shaken and empty or questioning our life. People may have had difficult experiences as children that have left them hurt, unhappy or with a lack of confidence and they want to explore what happened to them in a safe environment. 

This year has been particularly difficult for many of us with the pandemic, the impact of Brexit, climate change and with the spotlight on racism. Many people are struggling with the uncertainties that come with Covid-19 around health, bereavement, separation, loss of work and implications for the economy.  People can feel alone and unable to speak to family and friends about how they are feeling. I provide a safe place for you to do this. 

Finally, psychotherapy does not always have to be used for crisis. It can also be used as a space to reflect on our lives, understand ourselves better and to explore what is important to us.


What is Core Process Psychotherapy?

Core Process Psychotherapy works with whatever you as client want to bring to the session. It does not have fixed techniques because everyone is different and has different ways of relating to the world. The therapist tunes into your strengths and preferences when working with you. 

The key to therapy is a warm, caring, trusting and safe relationship between the client and the therapist. In this way, we can explore memories, thoughts and feelings and how they are impacting us right now. Over time, the patterns that are upsetting us can change and we can open up to the natural wellbeing that is at our heart, but is usually covered up by our worries and difficulties. 

Core Process Psychotherapy is the original mindfulness based psychotherapy in the UK. It is in the Humanistic and Integrative College of UKCP.


What To Expect At Your First Visit

The relationship between the therapist and client is very important to the success of the therapy and so I offer a first free appointment so that we can both see whether I am the right therapist for you. If we go ahead, sessions are weekly and last an hour. As I am a trainee I offer a reduced rate of £35 per hour.

I only see people over the age of 18. During the current pandemic, I offer online (Zoom) sessions to people in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

I have regular supervision and follow the Karuna Institute Code of Ethics. I am fully insured and GDPR registered. I have completed the UKCP Covid-19 Online Working Guidance and have completed online counselling training approved by National Counselling Society and the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online.


About Me

I am a UKCP registered trainee psychotherapist in my senior clinical year. I am coming towards the end of a 3 year Master's degree in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapeutic Practice as part of the training in Core Process Psychotherapy. 

I work privately and as a volunteer counsellor for the Tom Allan Centre in Glasgow. 

Before psychotherapy, I worked in the NHS for 30 years. I was a Consultant Paediatrician before retiring from medicine. Although I worked in all aspects of Paediatrics, I had a special interest in child development and disability. My experience has made me passionate about the well-being of our caring professions and the challenges facing carers. 

I enjoy exploring life through nature, writing, art and the different spiritual traditions. I did a degree in Humanities and Religious studies with the Open University to widen my perspective.  I have had a Buddhist meditation practice for 10 years. I am also trained in Ignatian (Christian) spiritual accompaniment and a member of Spiritual Directors International. 


Contact me

Contact Details:

tel. no: 07704365847



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